Atomic Habits Book review & lessons

I wasn’t really woo’d by this book like it seems so many people were.

I listened to Atomic Habits as an audiobook and these are the only notes I took.

Image via James Clear

Three points of interest from listening to Atomic Habits

🍓Who are you trying to be? Ask yourself ‘what would a healthy person do? Etc

🍓 Make your habits or hobbies easy to get into by having less friction. Leave your paints out where you see them and will paint etc.

🍓 Take a small action to build up the habit. 5 mins at the gym each day but do it each day.

They are impactful points if you were to take action to create habits, build up consistency to become who it is you are aiming to be and create the life you desire.

Creating less friction

This is one I use to keep the things I need to use daily front of mind.

I keep my oils out by the diffuser or right on the bathroom cabinet and at key places around the house where I use them. It works to create less friction so I use them more and also to keep them in view so I am reminded.

Moving things around in the kitchen so the things you use most are easily accessible.

Keeping your journal where you sit for your coffee in the morning or on your nightstand. And having a pen there too because who’s always hunting for a pen and then getting sidetracked.

What is one way you create less friction to help you smoothly move through your day? Id love to know in the comments below

Much love


PS I have a free printable habit tracker I created last year that might be handy for you as you create new habits. You can grab it here

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