8 tips for less stress around Christmas 

8 tips for less stress around Christmas

Helping you de stress at this crazy time of year.

1 . Keep it simple

Dont try & go crazy with everything.

🎄 You don’t have to go to every christmas event, celebration, show.

🎄 Your kids won’t remember in years to come what they got for Christmas so no crazy midnight shopping at the last minute.

🎄Cater to the people coming over – you don’t have to pack the table with so much food you’ll be eating it all week.

2. Real food

Focus on real food these holidays to keep your body nourished during this time of year. You’ll have more energy & won’t be as lethargic. Eat that real food mindfully. Stop when you are full,there will be more later 😉 At the same time don’t stress too much, enjoy the celebrations & make the best of it.

3. Move

Get out & move about, its fab for your mental health as well as your body. This is easy in the Southern Hemisphere being summer. Go swimming, to a park, walk, run, hike, dance… If you are in winter have a Christmas dance party in your lounge, get your exercise bike going while you watch a Christmas movie, go to the gym.

4. Delegate

If you are having the family at yours for Christmas take the pressure off yourself by asking everyone to bring something in particular or if you are supplying it get some help in the kitchen & setting up that table. People love to feel useful.

5. Be real with yourself & your money

If you ain’t got it don’t buy things to impress. Don’t create more stress for the Christmas period & you don’t want that negative aspect to carry into the coming year.

6. Sleep 😴

Get a good nights sleep most nights. 8 hours is ideal – have a bath, wind down, turn off the screen at least an hour before, read a paper book. A la Arianna Huffington who swears by good sleep to thrive. Her chat with Lewis Howes is good listening, check it out here.

7. Have fun!

What do you love about Christmas? What did you love as a child? Do more of that which you love. You don’t have to keep up rituals that you loathe – let it go!

8. Family family

Enjoy your family, get in contact, visit & celebrate with them. When I say ‘family’ this may not be biological enjoy with your friend fam 💗

So just breathe, chill out & enjoy this holiday season. Leave a comment below with your number one tip for a stress free Christmas ⬇️

Much love


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