Introduction to the Top 10 essential oils – DigestZen

Digest Zen oil blend is Doterra’s tummy tamer.

Doterra Essential Oils to travel with. Whale diffuser, on guard, digest Zen, peppermint, Onguard hand sanitiser, frankincense, lemon, wild orange, balance, Lavender, easy air vapour stick, eucalyptus essential oils, oil blends & essential oil products by Doterra. Things I took to India for 3 weeks.

Digest Zen oil blend has so many uses including 

🌿 Indigestion

🌿 upset stomach

🌿 support digestion

🌿 maintain a healthy digestive system

🌿 motion sickness

🌿 can be used topically on stomach to help digestion as well

🌿 tummy ache

🌿 bloating

🌿 nausea

🌿 overeating

Emotional Benefits of Digest Zen oil 

Digest Zen helps with the loss of appetite for life as well as food.

It can help to assimilate new information or experiences. Digest Zen can support when you are feeling over stimulated.

Ways I use Digest Zen

💟 Food poisoning – vomiting & stomach bug. Rubbed on my stomach & taken in water to drink

💟 Indigestion – rubbed on my stomach & feet diluted with oil.

Digest Zen internal blend Doterra Essential oil. Over yellow bowl

Ways I want to use Digest Zen  

💖 In the diffuser

💖 Taken regularly for healthy digestion

💖 motion sickness – car sick 😷

💖 Emotionally for overwhelm

So we’ve covered –






If you are interested in getting oils for you & your family message me or DM me on Instagram

If you are already to go you can visit my Doterra shop here – read the purple box under my name it has all the dets on how to order. If you are sure about how to set yourself up to get the oils at the best prices or what to order first – let me know 💜

Much love

Kelly xo

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